Everyone has different needs when it comes to financing.

This is why at EEA Group, we believe that your finance plan should be tailored to your needs, depending on what best suits you.

So get your finance in under 5 with EEA! We will need some of your personal details, including your ABN & Driver’s licence in order to provide you with an obligation free, conditional approval.


We understand that flexibility is even more important than ever in your industry.

EEA Hire to Buy allows us to provide an additional level of flexibility for our customers that may not want to commit to a purchase but have the flexibility to hire/rent it with the tax advantages associated with hire/rental and then have the option to purchase if they require.


Do I have to provide financial information?

We have access to a wide array of lenders and each of these have different requirements. Additionally, each situation is assess individually. For some transactions we will not require any financial information, for others we will. Someone from Magnolia Lane will contact you about this once you have completed the online application process.

Can I organise a pre-approval?

Yes. It is highly recommended that you pre-arrange your finance approval prior to purchasing the machine. This will ensure that the funds are ready to go when you arrange delivery.

How long does it take? 

If you have all the required information at the time you are applying, the finance application can take as little as a few minutes. Once the information is received, a conditional approval can in some instances be obtained on the spot for streamlined applications. More complex applications can take a little longer (approximately between 4 hours and 3 days).

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