Horizontal Grinding vs. Vertical Grinding: Pros and Cons

3680T Horizontal Grinding

We explore the pros and cons of horizontal and vertical grinding and how it can help your business. What is a horizontal grinder? Horizontal grinders are essential for many industries, including forestry, construction and recycling. These machines are designed to grind down large pieces of wood, metal or other materials into smaller, more manageable pieces. […]

Choosing the Right Deck Scalper/Reclaimer for Your Processing Needs

TS1550 Deck Scalper

Do you need help to keep up with the high demand for processing materials in your industry? Do you feel like you’re constantly falling behind schedule due to inefficient processes? Well, the good news is that technology has come a long way in recent years, and machines are now available that can help you streamline […]


1350T High Production Impact Crusher 1350T High Production Impact Crusher The 1350T has been designed with durability, power and ease of use in mind. New features include open chassis for ease-of-access, optional full length main conveyor or optional underpan under the crushing chamber conveyor, hydraulic adjustable magnet, and a new larger double deck prescreen for […]


1125TR High Production Impact Crusher 1125TR High Production Impact Crusher The 1125TR is in a class of it’s own, bringing the productivity of an 1125mm (44.3″) impactor to a compact footprint for maximum power and maneuverability. The crusher’s design has ease of access in mind, with an excellent layout for operation, maintenance and service. Advanced […]


200TCR CONE CRUSHER 200TCR CONE CRUSHER Heavy duty track mounted Crusher with recirculation  The Tesab 200TCR recirculating cone crusher combines the versatility of the 200TC Cone Crusher with a full screening and reirculating system, allowing operators to produce a high quality crushed and screened final product with one machine. Both the 200TC & 200TCR have […]

Tesab 1012TS Impact Crusher

The Ultimate Solution for High-Quality, Low-Cost Crushing. You’re in the harsh, demanding world of rock-crushing, where every day presents a new challenge, and the pressure to perform is immense. Whether you’re a veteran in the mining industry, a key player in construction, or leading a quarry operation, the quest for equipment that can deliver quality […]

Impact Crushers | Crushing Rocks Efficiently

  In the fast-paced world of construction, mining, and recycling industries, efficiency is the name of the game. Every second counts and the quality of your rock-crushing process can make or break your projects. Suppose you’ve ever faced the challenges of traditional rock-crushing methods. In that case, you know that it can be a real […]

Tesab Launch NEW 1150TC Cone Crusher

Tesab have  added to their Cone Crusher Range by launching the NEW 1150TC Cone Crusher.   Following up from the 1000TC lunch at Hillhead 2018, the 1150TC is designed to produce even bigger tonnages and produce High Quality Cubical Aggregates. With an 1150mm wide cone crusher unit, it can accept a large feed size up […]

Trackstack 8042TSL

Trackstack 8042TSL Trackstack 8042TSL The Trackstack 8042TSL offers all the fantastic benefits of the standard 8042T but also includes a radial stockpile feature. This added flexibility allows the machine to create massive stockpile volumes of up to 9222 m³ (14,755 Tonnes @ 1.6 T/m³). The need for stockpiler repositioning is therefore reduced, saving time and […]

Trackstack 8042T

Trackstack 8042T Trackstack 8042T The Trackstack 8042T is the ideal mobile stockpiling solution for a large range of applications. This heavy duty, but versatile machine can be setup in super fast time. Featuring a unique ‘Boomerang’ design, the feed boot height can be adjusted without altering the head drum position. This ensures maximum flexibility without […]